Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool & how to make bows

 How to Make Bows using the Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool

The Bowdabra is a unique bow and crafting tool that helps crafters in how to make bows and other craft decorations for hair pieces, gift decorations and so much more.

How to Make Bows using the Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool

Using the Bowdabra is easy and you can find out more about this simple crafting tool from my article about it here and at the Bowdabra website for more on how to make bows.

The Bowdabra Mini is a smaller version of the larger tool that is handy for smaller projects like bows for small gifts, hair pieces and even table arrangements. The Bowdabra Mini has short two inch upright posts that hold your material so that working with multiple pieces is easy.

Creating projects like a bow for your pet’s collar is easy and the hair bow tool makes this work even easier for near perfect sized bow ends. The Bowdabra works with spring pressure on the two upright posts or blades of the tool pressing toward the center where your material is held in place.

Whats in the Box Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool

You first put a wire to tie off your project along the groove in the middle of the posts opposite the material slot and push your material into the middle slot. You can use the included tool or wand to scrunch the material down and use the wire to tie of your project when you’re done pushing material down.

The Hair Bow Tool lies flat on the base of the tool over the two posts to give you an accurate ruler guide all across the surface you’re working on so you can easily measure loops or ends of material. The Hair Bow Tool is simply a large guide that fits over the Bowdabra Mini and has both metric and standard measurements to guide your crafting.

The guide has measurements along the middle and on both ends as well as on both sides of the plate so you have plenty of ruler guides to use. The tool is a handy way to measure out the loops or ends of a bow or other projects and makes perfect bows that look professionally made.

How to Make Bows Using the Hair Bow Tool

The included CD contains an interactive e-Book that guides you through using the tool, how to make over 70 different bows and a few other useful tips for the Hair Bow Tool and the Bowdabra and Mini Bowdabra. The Hair Bow Tool is only for use on the Mini Bowdabra so you need the shorter crafting tool for this very useful accessory.

The Bowdabra Mini Tool and the Hair Bow Tool make a great crafters set for creating professional looking projects like hair bows, pet accessories, table decorations and of course gift decorations. The Bowdabra, Mini Bowdabra and Hair Bow Tool is available at local craft and other stores like Wal-Mart or form their website for only $13.

Cute Bow on Struggling Cat

Bowdabra Website

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