Craft Stores

Craft Stores By State and Area

Here are craft stores we have found from the internet and through our own use, please send us information if you know of one so we can add to our growing list.

If there is any information you would like to add about a particular store send that to us as well.


Moorhead, Minnesota


Fargo, North Dakota

One handy tip is for Hobby Lobby and Michaels, the 40 percent off Hobby Lobby coupon you can often get from their In Store Specials page at their website is also good at Michael’s for the same 40 percent off one item.
Sign up for the Jo-Ann newsletter to receive coupons in their weekly flyer, they often have 50% off coupons or other good bargains.

Here are some links to national stores:

Michaels Craft Store

Hobby Lobby Craft Store

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store





If you would like your business listed here simply send us your business information and we will list the business with a brief description.

We also will be advertising on our site, if your business would like to advertise more than just their store hours, location and such contact us or go to the Advertise With Minn Dak Crafters Connect page for a little more information. While we are not currently a large website we are growing and will welcome help to list stores.

Check out our Product Reviews section for new and interesting craft, cooking and even photography reviews.

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