Craft Shows in North Dakota

Craft Shows in North Dakota by month

If you know of any other craft shows we have not listed see the bottom of this page for the information we would like to have for your craft show. Use the contact us page to send us the information.

North Dakota 2014






Craft Show information we would like includes:

Date, place, time of show including set up time
Contact information, if possible name, phone number, email and mailing address, alternate contact
Cost of event, is a deposit required and is deposit refundable
Maximum number of vendors
Is this an indoor or outdoor event or availability of additional indoor or outdoor spaces
Is this a juried event
Is insurance required
Is a State Tax ID required
Is a City License required
Are tables or canopies provided, available for rental
Any other events running at the same time, i.e. marathon, carnival, food vendors, etc
Any other special requirements or additional information will help to provide information about your show.

We also would like information about crafting events like workshops at Michael’s and other stores or city wide events.

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