Craft Workshops for Minnesota and North Dakota

Craft Workshops in Minnesota and North Dakota

We are listing craft workshops for Minnesota and North Dakota, some stores like Michaels have classes and workshops in a wide range of topics including scrapbooking, jewelry, painting and cake decorating. Some of their classes are free while others have fees to cover costs of materials used. They offer classes that are a single workshops while others are several classes over a period of weeks.

North Dakota 2014

Fargo Workshops Fargo Public Library

Fargo Workshops Be.dangled

Minnesota 2014

Breckenridge MN Workshops

Fertile MN Workshops

Mahnomen MN Workshops

McIntosh MN Workshops

Moorhead MN Workshops

Moorhead MN Workshops K & Krafts

Ada MN Workshops

If you know of any classes or workshops please let us know about them so we can share this with others. We are interested in listing any classes and craft workshops for Minnesota and North Dakota.

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