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Minn Dak Crafters Connect was founded by Michele and Jeff Gedgaud.

Michele has been making various crafts and items for sale under her MPJ Creations business and attending various craft shows but due to the lack of open websites with information about shows and contact information she decided it was time for craft makers and shoppers to have this resource. She saw that the really good sites that were available often charged just to find out valuable information like contacts for various shows but this type of information should not be for sale.

We bring it to you the crafters, show organizers and anyone interested in attending these shows for free so that everyone can attend and sell at these shows. We will be lisitng any shows in the North Dakota and Minnesota area by month and will accept information about shows anyone would like to give us. Please check the schedule to see if a particular show is already listed before sending information and we will be trying to contact show organizers to verify information.

We will also be posting reviews of craft products and tools, books and anything else related to crafts in the Product Reviews pages so stop by to see Jeffs take on the various products he has already reviewed.

The forums are an open place for everyone interested to ask questions, show off their work and just chat about any topics related to crafts but please follow our simple rules. We will have threads for people to buy and sell items as well as list their own sites in a signature, see forum FAQ for more about adding a signature to your posts.

We will be selling advertising space for products, websites and shows so for those interested or for any questions regarding the site and forum just send an us anĀ email.

Thank you and enjoy.


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